about me

My name is Lucy Lewis. I am a professionally trained Chef as well as Pastry Chef who has worked in some of the world’s most recognised restaurants. In over 25 years, some of these have included Catalina Restaurant, several of Luke Mangan’s establishments and a Michelin starred restaurant in Ireland, Peacock Alley. I have also freelanced in the food media and publishing industries. This has involved work behind the scenes for Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, recipe testing, developing and cooking for photo shoots for cookbooks and magazines including Murdoch Books, Feast Magazine and the Neil Perry Recipe Section in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend Magazine as well as being a contributer to drought fundraiser, Farmer cookbook.

Lucy’s Foods was established in early 2015, when my sister gave me some figs from her laden tree. I turned the figs into paste which was offered to friends. After a positive response, I went on to develop more fruit paste flavours and move the production to the heart of Barossa Valley. I now sell to many independent supermarkets and grocers.

For more information on stockists, please contact me for a stockist near you.